Soakable Gel Polish Sample Kit

Soakable Gel Polish Sample Kit

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Product Description

We would like to introduce you to our BO. Soakable Gel Polish products. With this sample kit you can discover how quickly and easily you can create beautiful, durable, perfectly painted nails.

Soakable gel polish

BO. Soakable Gel Polish is as durable as gel and as easy to apply as nail polish. This gel polish ensures that you have beautiful nails for up to 4 weeks. BO. Soakable Gel Polish is easy to apply, without chipping or peeling. It cures in 2 minutes in a UV lamp or in just 30 seconds in an LED lamp. It is easy to remove; simply soak in just 10 minutes.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for natural and or artificial nails (gels and acrylics). Also ideal for toenails
  • Easy to apply: applies like a nail polish
  • Wonderful long-lasting semi-permanent colors
  • Stays beautiful up to 4 weeks
  • Permanently shiny and non-yellowing
  • The perfect addition to any kind of nails
  • The color does not fade, does not dull, does not wear and does not chip
  • No damage to the natural nails
  • no smell
  • To be used instead of nail polish
  • Do not wait for the nail polish to dryCuring: 120 sec. UV / 30 sec. LED
  • Easy to remove in 10 minutes in combination with BO. Soakable Gel Remover and a Nail Foil or with the BO. Gelbreaker


Step 1: Prepare the natural nail as usual and apply the BO. Natural Nail Sanitizer to the natural nail plate. Allow to dry completely before using the BO. Apply Soakable Base Gel.

Step 2: BO. Soakable Base Gel - Wipe the brush at the neck of the bottle to remove excess product. Trim the free edge of the nail to ensure durability and prevent product shrinkage. Hold the brush horizontally on the nail and apply a thin layer of BO. Apply Soakable Base Gel all over the nail, from the cuticle to the free edge. All four fingers together for 120 sec. UV / 30 sec. LED. Repeat these steps on the other hand and then on the thumbs. Optional: Brush with a clean gel brush to remove excess tacky cured base gel to reduce the chance of shrinkage and for smoother color application.

Step 3: BO. Soakable Gel Polish Color – Rub the bottle upside down between the palms of your hands to make sure the color is well mixed. Seal the free edge with BO. Soakable Gel Polish to ensure durability and prevent color shrinkage. Hold the brush horizontally on the nail and continue to the center of the nail. Move the brush from the center of the nail up to the proximal crease, then stroke down to the free edge. Make sure that the gel polish does not get on the skin. If the gel polish has touched the skin, remove it before curing the nail with the BO. Gel Cleanser and a Cuticle Pusher. Cures all four nails for 120 sec. UV / 30 sec. LED. Repeat the steps on the other hand and thumbs.