Nail Wipe Dispenser Deluxe

Nail Wipe Dispenser Deluxe

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Product description

The Nail Wipe Dispenser Deluxe is an essential accessory for nail and beauty professionals. This practical, sleek design offers optimal storage for otherwise bulky rolls of nail wipes.

The design allows for single handed removal of wipes.

The nail wipe roll is securely locked into place via the top plate and easily dispensed via the side insert.

The top plate and cover is designed for extra storage of smaller items.

Features and benefits

 Single handed removal of wipes

 Sleek design for bulky nail wipes

 Extra storage unit for smaller items

 Easy to clean

 Dimensions: 160x160x127mm


Lift the upper plate and lid and insert your nail wipe roll into

the dispenser. Feed the nail wipes through the side insert.

Replace the plate and lid and it is ready for use.