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Nail Healing

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Today is the perfect day to give your nails a new start! Limp nails, split or damaged nails? With this kit you have everything you need to boost and strengthen your nails. By applying these products consistently step by step, you will notice results within 8 days.

Restores and strengthens the natural nail from the inside out
Results within 8 days
Has a nourishing and moisturizing effect
Soften the cuticle
Rich in natural protein
Rich in vitamins E and B5
Healing effect
Suitable for daily use All-in-One repair kit


Scrub it Off
Scrub it Off softens and gently exfoliates. During rubbing, the rose particles in the scrub will be essential for the nutrition of the cuticles and give off a lovely rose fragrance. Removing excess cuticle and dead skin cells from the nail plate has never been easier.

Blue Scrub
Blue Scrub cleans the surface of the natural nail. It temporarily extracts moisture from the natural nail plate. Blue Scrub is an essential part of the nail preparation process for applying the Tough Nails Nail Enhancer.

Tough Nails Nail Enhancer
Tough Nails Nail Enhancer gives your thin, weak nails a super boost. Tough Nails is rich in natural protein essential for nail growth. The protein penetrates through the nail plate to optimize the moisture balance and flexibility of the nail. The Tough Nails Nail Enhancer also forms a film layer that strengthens the nail. Tough Nails Nail Enhancer protects the nail against discoloration, yellowing and provides strength from within.

Magical Gold Serum
Magical Gold Serum contains vitamin B5 and gold flakes and absorbs quickly into the skin. The serum rejuvenates, moisturizes and revitalizes the nail and surrounding skin. Magical Gold Serum is the perfect solution for dry nails and cuticles.

Almond Repair
The Almond Repair is a specially developed oil to nourish and soften the cuticles with a pleasant almond scent. This oil is perfect for moisturizing the skin and penetrates deep into the skin for healthy growth of the natural nail and cuticles.

Cuticle Pusher
With this plastic cuticle pusher, the cuticle can be gently pushed back and the remaining cuticle can be detached from the nail plate for safe and quick removal


Using the brush, apply the Scrub it Off to the nail plate and cuticle, rub it in and gently push back the cuticle with the cuticle pusher. Keep rubbing gently until the grains of the rose leaf are completely dissolved in the skin.

Make your nail grease free with the Blue Scrub. Apply the Blue Scrub to the nail plate with the brush. This cleaning allows the Tough Nails Nail Enhancer to do its job better!

Apply 2 layers of Tough Nails Nail Enhancer to the natural nail. Repeat this step every day for 4 days for optimal results. Remove the layers of Tough Nails Nail Enhancer after 4 days with a
nail polish remover of your choice and repeat steps 1 and 2 before reapplying the Tough Nails Nail Enhancer. Let the Tough Nails Nail Enhancer dry well before the next step!
Tip! The Tough Nails Nail Enhancer can also be used as a base coat for any nail polish.

Apply the Magical Gold Serum to the cuticle and surrounding skin with the brush and massage the serum in. Repeat this step daily.

Apply a drop of Almond Repair to the cuticle with the pipette and massage it in. Repeat this every morning and evening.

After 8 days of intensive use of Magical Nail Healing Kit, a significant difference will be visible. Are you aiming for optimal results? Repeat these steps for 6 weeks.