BO.NAIL Soakable Matte Top Gel (15ml)

BO.NAIL Soakable Matte Top Gel (15ml)

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Product Description

BO. Soakable Matte Top Gel

BO. Soakable Matte Top Gel is a Top Gel with a difference. The Bo. Soakable Matte Top Gel not only works as a sealer for the underlying colors but creates the most amazing matte finish without the need to file or polish the surface!

BO. Soakable Matte Top Gel has an adhesive layer and must be cleaned with BO. Gel Cleanser after curing.BO. Soakable Matte Top Gel can be removed just as quickly and easily with the Soakable Gel Remover. The matte finish offers unlimited design possibilities! Try a Fun French (matte nail bed and shiny free edge) or let your imagination run wild through lines, dots or splashes with BO. Soakable Top Gel over the BO. Soakable Matte Top Gel to create different textures and shine.

Curing: 120 sec. UV / 30 sec. LED

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal top for natural nails and also
  • suitable for artificial nails (gels and acrylics)
  • Also ideal for toenails
  • Easy to apply – applies like a
  • nail polish
  • Easy to remove in just 10
  • minutes
  • Stays beautiful up to 4 weeks
  • No damage to the natural nails
  • no smell
  • No waiting for the nail polish to dry
  • A top gel for every occasion
  • Curing: 120 sec. UV / 30 sec. LED