BO.NAIL Hygiene File Refills 180 grit (50pc + core)

BO.NAIL Hygiene File Refills 180 grit (50pc + core)

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  1. Hygiene File System offers you the perfect high quality filing system in a combination of your choice. Do you prefer a 100/180 grit file, no problem, apply a BO. Hygiene Refill 180 to one side of your BO. Hygiene File Core (Metal) and a BO. Hygiene Refill 100 to the other side.
  2. Hygiene File System is a combination of high quality Japanese paper that you can mix and match to create your perfect combination.

Client safety and hygiene is more important than ever! As the name states, we have specifically chosen the BO. Hygiene File System for hygienic purposes – replace the refill after use or store the file with its plastic core for individual client use during the next service.

The halfmoon shape allows you to move around the cuticle area easily and are part of the file graduation process.

Available in:

  1. Hygiene File Core (Metal) a strong metal core for the ultimate support while filing. The metal core is 100% sanitizable. The BO. Hygiene File Core (Metal) is thin but strong and this means you get optimal results without applying too much pressure when filing.
  2. Hygiene File Refills (10 pack) 10 refills and 1 plastic core. Available in 100/150/180/240 grit – the ideal set to try out our fantastic Hygiene File System.
  1. Hygiene File Refills (50 pack) 50 refills and 1 plastic core. Available in 100/150/180/240 grit – once you are hooked on the BO. Hygiene File System, the BO. Hygiene File Refill (50 pack) is an important part of your salon essentials. Each pack comes with 50 refills and 1 plastic core. The plastic core is easily sanitized between services.


  • Versatile use – for Acrylic, Gel and any other nail applications
  • Metal Core or Plastic Core – creates a sturdy base that prevents weakening or breaking while being used
  • Durable – excellent quality paper
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Halfmoon shape – easy for areas around the cuticles
  • Disposable for optimal hygiene
  • Available in different grits for file graduation