BO.NAIL Gel Cleanser (250ml)

BO.NAIL Gel Cleanser (250ml)

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Product description

Use BO. Gel Cleanser to remove the tacky layer from your gel applications. For the best result, first allow the nails cool down (60 sec) prior to cleansing with BO. Gel Cleanser and a clean nail wipe.

Features & benefits

  • Removes inhibition layer after curing
  • Used with all BO. Gels
  • The key ingredient is alcohol; for easy removal
  • Ethyl Acetate; helps the gel residue to “slide off”
  • No streaking or dulling the shine
  • Perfect for cleaning gel brushes
  • Suitable for removing gel from skin


Use Gel Sponges for an optimal result. Lightly saturate a gel sponge with BO. Gel Cleanser and gently wipe the top of the nail to remove tacky residue. Use a fresh side of the Gel Sponge for each finger. Do not cleanse between each coat of gel. Let the nails cool down first for 60 seconds after curing before cleansing. Avoid unnecessary contact with the skin.