BO.NAIL Fiber Gel Sample Kit
BO.NAIL Fiber Gel Sample Kit

BO.NAIL Fiber Gel Sample Kit

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Product description

We would like to introduce you to our BO. Fiber Gel products. With this sample kit you can discover how quickly and easily you can create beautiful, natural and strong nails with our Fiber Gels.


Fiber Gels have several benefits to offer nail professionals. BO. Fiber Gels are the perfect product to provide optimal adhesion, even on problematic nails. BO. Fiber Gel is suitable for creating thin and extremely strong nails.

Features Benefits

  • Extremely strong
  • Ideal for creating thin nails
  • Ideal for problematic nails
  • Optimal adhesion
  • Self-levelling
  • Soft curing
  • Medium Viscosity
  • no yellowing
  • Easy to file
  • UV / LED curable: UV: 90 sec – LED: 60 sec


Step 1 : Prepare the natural nail as usual.

Step 2 : Apply a thin layer of BO. Air Bond to the natural nail surface.

Step 3: Use a BO. Gel Sculpting Brush Oval #6 to apply a thin coat of BO. Fiber Gel of your choice to be applied.

Step 4 : Let the gel cure for 90 seconds UV/60 seconds LED.

Step 5 : Build up the nail with the BO. Fiber Gel of your choice.

Step 6 : Cure 90 seconds UV/60 seconds LED.

Step 7: Remove the sticky layer with BO. UV Cleanser.

Step 8: File the nail and finish with BO. Soakable No Wipe Top Gel.

Curing time: UV: 90 sec – LED: 60 sec.