BO.NAIL FIAB Translucent Pink (15ml)

BO.NAIL FIAB Translucent Pink (15ml)

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Product Description

FIAB (Fiber in a Bottle) ensures optimal adhesion, even on problematic nails. FIAB is the perfect product to create thin and extremely strong nails. BO. FIAB offers all the advantages of the BO. Fiber Gels with the added advantage of a quick and easy application in a bottle. With the BO. FIAB it is possible to create natural nail overlays as well as build up nails on tips and templates.

Available in: 5 different colors in 15 ml

  • BO. FIAB Translucent Pink
  • BO. FIAB White
  • BO. FIAB Cover Cool Pink
  • BO. FIAB Cover Warm Pink
  • BO. FIAB Diamond White

BO. FIAB Collection

The Bo. FIAB Collection offers you all 5 of the BO. FIAB colors in one collection. You don't have to choose which one to buy; you buy them all in one collection. Whether you want to use them for a full color or a Babyboom application, you have all the colors at your fingertips.

Kit content: 5 x BO. FIAB Colors in 15ml

Features & Benefits

  • Vitamin E + Calcium
  • Flexible and strong
  • Ideal for creating thin nails
  • Ideal for problematic nails
  • Optimal adhesion
  • Contains synthetic fibers for extra support
  • Self-levelling
  • Soft curing
  • Perfect to create a Baby Boom
  • no heat
  • no smell
  • UV / LED curable: UV: 90 sec – LED: 60 sec


Step 1: Prepare the nail as usual.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of the BO. FIAB and let it cure. Curing time: UV: 90 sec – LED: 60 sec.

Step 3: Apply another coat if you want more coverage or to build on tips or stencils and cure.

Step 4: Finish with BO. No Wipe Top Gel or a BO. Soakable Gel Polish Color.