BO.NAIL Cuticle Prep (7ml)

BO.NAIL Cuticle Prep (7ml)

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Product description

Cuticle Prep is the perfect product for softening the cuticle. This product makes removing excess cuticle (dead skin) from the nail plate so much easier and more effective. BO. Cuticle Prep is available in 2 sizes; 7ml and 15 ml.

Features & benefits

  • Softens cuticles
  • For easy and effective removal of dead skin
  • Perfect for pedicures and manicures
  • Application with brush
  • Ideal as retail item


Apply BO. Cuticle Prep to the nail plate and surrounding cuticles. Gently push back the proximal nail fold in order to effectively remove the cuticle from the nail plate during the manicure service or use between manicures for a regular treatment at home.