BO.NAIL Brush Builder Collection

BO.NAIL Brush Builder Collection

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Product Description

BO. Brush Builder is a “Builder In A Bottle”. A total solution with the base, builder and top gel in one. This is an ideal product for quick and easy application on natural nails, which can also be used for building nail extensions with tips or templates. The Bo. Brush Builder Collection offers you the full range of Brush Builder colors.

Available in: 5 different colors in 15 ml and in the BO. Brush Builder Collection Kit.

Features & Benefits

  • Power of a builder gel
  • Easy application
  • Suitable for use on natural nails, tips and templates
  • Perfect base for gel polish application. Can be used as a base coat
  • adhesive layer
  • 3-in-1 – Base, builder and top in one product
  • Available in 5 colors


Step 1 - Prepare the nail as usual first.

Step 2 - Apply a thin layer of BO. Air Dry Bonder on.

Step 3 – Start with a thin base coat and cure in the BO for 30-60 seconds. Soft Curing LED/UV Light 48W.

Step 4 - Build the nail to the desired shape and/or length and cure again for 30-60 seconds in the BO. Soft Curing LED/UV Light 48W.

Step 5 – Remove the adhesive layer with the BO. Gel Cleanser on a cellulose swab or gel sponge.

Step 6 – File the nail with a BO. Hygiene File 180/180 grit.

Step 7 - Remove the dust with a manicure brush.

Step 8 - Finish with a final coat of BO. Brush Builder, cure and clean for extra shine. You can also finish the nail with the BO. Soakable No Wipe Top Gel or a BO. Soakable Gel Polish color of your choice.