BO.NAIL Acrylic Powder Cover Peach (100 gr)

BO.NAIL Acrylic Powder Cover Peach (100 gr)

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Product Description

The Bo. Acrylic Powders consist of medium to fast curing homopolymers. This means the perfect balance between partial and full curing, giving you enough time to create the perfect smileline, as well as enough time to perfect your c-curve.

The Bo. Acrylic Powders provide superior control and workability. The product does not run into the cuticles and offers a controlled application. The Bo. Acrylic Powders offer strength and durability in combination with the BO. Acrylic Liquid. They offer maximum flexibility without lifting, cracking or air bubbles. The Bo. Acrylic Powders are available in 8 shades – 4 essential base shades (Clear, Soft White, Bright White and Translucent Pink) and 4 nail bed extension shades (Cover Pink, Cover Peach, Cover Nude, Cover Rose). These powders are of the highest quality and color consistency, so the colors are just as beautiful at the start of the service as they are at the next service.

Available in: 25gr and 100gr

Features Benefits

  • Ultimate strength and durability
  • Highest quality and color consistency
  • Complete color range
  • Superior control and expert workability
  • No lifting and air bubbles
  • no yellowing
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Easy to apply - suitable for all treatments on natural nails, tips or templates
  • Perfect protection for clients with thin natural nails or as a protective layer


Combine BO. Acrylic Powders with the BO. Acrylic Liquid to create beautiful strong nails. Application time may vary depending on weather conditions. Extremely hot weather may cause the product to cure faster, or extremely cold weather may cause the product to cure more slowly. Recommended mixing ratio: 1½ part liquid and 1 part powder. It may be necessary to slightly adjust the monomer-polymer ratio according to the weather conditions, but this will not affect the strength or durability of the nail due to the plasticizers.